Haruru is a good friend of Nekoko, but ,Sometimes she and Nekoko bicker.


Haruru has black skin and eyes green water, a hat that looks like whipped cream, and a tadpole tail. On the hat she has a big bow chocolate brown. She is wearing a silver necklace with a pendant in the shape of heart, a skirt that looks like a pudding, a pair of white gloves and red, and white socks escarpette. Its sign is a heart-shaped cherry.


She is very sweet, get angry easily and she's tending to beat. Not all is well in the platoon members, but there are times when it's really sweet. it is also a little toady...

Emotional ties

She is a close friend with Cerara, wich spends most of its times. She is in love with Giroro, but tries to hide it.


She use a cast

further informations

Her birthday is the 23 of march;

she hates the rain;

She loves to sing;

she is good to use guns;

loves the cream;

is a little conceited.