He is a childhood friend of Keroro, Giroro, Dororo and Nekoko. It is the best friend of the latter.

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is blue, with ears and tail of a dog. It has a hat with a dark blue. His sign is a kind of black-leaf clover, stemless.


Lofofo has a split personality: usually, in the presence of others, it is very cute and cheerful, while, when it is alone, it psychopaths attitudes, which far outweigh being sadistic Nekoko (which is the only one to know this perverted side)

Emotional ties

Is a close friend of Kururu (that sometimes attempted to rape him, but that's another story). He is the best friend of Nekoko, with which to make jokes to many people.



further informations

His birhtday is the 9 of july;

He loves the dogs and foxes;

He loves to draw;

He knows MANY types of torture;

He loves sweets;

At times it can be very understanding.