Nekoko is a childhood friend of Keroro, Giroro, Dororo and Lofofo.

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This last tries to approach with her.


Nekoko has vanilla-colored skin, ears and a cat tail and two tails always vanilla, with chocolate-colored tip, and the clump has various colored sugar. She is wearing a purple dress, with a stripe and a pink bow. She also has a pair of white gloves, and socks in purple and white stripes. Her eyes are blue. Her sign is a Wagashi, a Japanese sweet, who also designed the dress.


She usually is exuberant, especially for what interests them. She has a perverted personality, and also shows masochistic attitudes. With Tamama she is very sweet and helpful. She does not want to be ignored, and is afraid of loneliness, because as a child she had not even a friend. She is very shy with strangers.

Emotional ties

Nekoko does not get along with everyone, even if she would like. She is in love with Tamama, and shows jealousy towards him. She is a close friend of Lofofo, with whom she spends a lot of time there. She can not stand Giroro, calling it interesting, however she is interested in Kururu, admitting that she likes his twisted mind.


She has an "adorable" dealdy scythe, complete with a pink bow.

further information

Her birthday is the 6 of June;

She loves kittens;

She would like to be whipped by Tamama, and sometimes asks him;

She loves the ass of Tamama...exact;

She loves chocolate a LOT;

She is good at cooking desserts.